11 June 2019

The "Plug & Work" framework was presented for the first time at LIGNA 2019.
Under the umbrella of EUMABOIS and VDMA, this project develops uniform
communication interfaces for the wood processing industry on the basis of OPC
At the first public appearance of the participating companies (Altendorf, Biesse,
Bürkle, Homag, IMA Schelling, SCM, Weber and Weinig) at LIGNA, EUMABOIS
President Jürgen Köppel emphasised the importance of cooperation between the
European woodworking machinery industry. With OPC UA - Plug & Work,
European manufacturers are setting trends, says Köppel.
At the stands of the project partners, the topic of "uniform interfaces with OPC
UA" was met with great interest not only from industrial furniture manufacturers.
“In our discussions with the customers during LIGNA we have seen a good
resonance and positive reactions on this initiative. It confirms that the leading
European manufacturers have a good sense for the customer needs worldwide”,
emphasizes Ernst Esslinger (Homag). “This project carried out with the main
European manufacturers of woodworking technologies, is experiencing great
interest from our customers here in LIGNA. It’s a positive feedback that
strengthens our commitment to continue the technological path towards the
Smart IOT communication based on OPC UA", says Cristiano Pozzi (Biesse).
The next steps of the project are already outlined. In a few weeks, the "Plug &
Work" working group will formally establish a Joint Working Group (JWG) together
with the OPC Foundation. The constituent meeting of the JWG is scheduled for
September. The first draft of a specification, available from the working group, is
to be published as an official Draft Companion Specification at the beginning of

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